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I am very proud of the installation service we offer.
I offer a Lifetime warranty on all installations purchased through my company.
I want to make your shopping for flooring easy and convenient, both for materials and installation.
I offer the benefit of one-stop shopping along with the ability to pay for installations via credit card!
My ultimate goal is to make my customers happy and provide them with great service!

Installation Guide


Before installation, remove all items from the floor of closets receiving the new floor covering. Remove all items from underneath beds, bed coverings, fragile items, pictures on the walls in hallways and stairways, and any small furniture you can move. Empty china cabinets and bookcases.Disconnect all electrical equipment such as TVs and computers.Inform the installers of all wires located under the carpet such as alarm wires or systems. Check for cable wire connections under the carpet (cable company may have to remove or disconnect).


Additional charges may apply to areas with excessive amount of furniture (i.e. file cabinets, heavy equipment, sleep sofas, etc.). We do not move antiques, grandfather clocks, gas stoves, refrigerators with front door dispensers, aquariums, waterbeds, heavy pool tables, safes, computers, or electrical equipment (many of these items need to be professionally moved). If you decide to move your own furniture it must be moved clear of all areas receiving the new floor covering prior to the arrival of our installers.


If you have purchased a taller floor covering, or if a new subfloor is placed on top of and existing subfloor, you may need to arrange to have your doors trimmed to accommodate the new floor covering or floor level.


Seams are not invisible and will be less noticeable with different types of carpet or vinyl patterns. Fewer seams increase the amount of floor covering you need, but adds satisfaction and professionalism to the job.


Make sure that adequate power, lighting, ventilation, and heat will be available 24 hours before installation.


Water damage, floors with structural damage, asbestos floors, etc. are not always detected until take up and removal of existing floor covering has begun. Additional charges may apply.


After the installation, our installers will vacuum and pick up all scrap materials. Surplus materials will be placed where you request.


Expect minor touch up painting to be needed after installation (especially with freshly painted walls and baseboards).


If possible, please be present at the completion of the installation for a walk through inspection with the lead installer. This will help prevent call-backs that may inconvenience you.